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Kitting, or the pre-packaging of selected electrical and related components, is an effective way to cut total costs for all industries. Parts packages can be configured to include a few or many components as an individual SKU. EESCO creates customized kits to reduce inventory and ordering errors and improve efficiency of customer processes.

Kitting offers customers an opportunity to improve their supply chain in several ways:

Financial Impact

  • Reduction or elimination of SKU's
  • Reduced Transactional Costs
  • Reduced Shrinkage and Returns

Facility and Operational Improvement

  • Floor space savings in manufacturing plant and/or warehouse
  • Improved customer service levels internally and externally

Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • Reduced internal labor costs associated with purchasing, logistics and installation of material
  • Reduced cost of labor on non-installation activitie

Environmental Impact

  • Reduced use of packaging materials
  • Reusable containers eliminate waste

Our sales and Assembled Solutions teams can find numerous solutions, including:

  • Single or multiple items that a customer wants to receive under their own unique part number as one unit.
  • A list of components that will go onto the production line each time a particular unit is built.
  • Items received as one unit that has a differing unit of measure when purchased from the supplier.

Some of our kitting, bagging and labeling services include:

  • Custom labels with the specific information you require, such as bar codes, your company logo, shelf locations, parts lists and more.
  • Non-standard kit items depending on what your kit requires.
  • Multi-level assemblies.
  • Multi-stage parts.
  • Invoicing by your kit or project number.
  • Packaging in boxes, heat sealed or re-closable bags.

Kits can be customized and labeled to fit our customers' individual requirements. By handling this portion of the manufacturing process, EESCO saves our customers time and expense and empowers them to invest their valuable resources on building their business strategy and core competency