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EESCO, A Contractor’s Material Logistics Expert

EESCO offers industry-leading construction expertise and value-added services to successfully manage the most complex and demanding construction schedules. We are your material management partner, helping increase profitability and standardize material costs through supply chain solutions.

Construction Value-Added Services

Wire and Cable

Customize inventory and material management processes associated with wire and cable, including cut-to-length service for cable or wire, just-in-time delivery, custom reel labeling and tagging, and custom cable manufacturing. Wire and cable services also include cutting, paralleling, striping and bundling.

Material Management

Material Management

Plan, order, stage, track and deliver. We do it all so you can do what you do best – install! WESCO’s decades of experience in sourcing and logistics means that what you need is on hand. Materials are delivered to the job site on time and in the right location. We proactively work with you so orders are released according to your project’s schedule.

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Pre-package multiple electrical or related components into one kit designed to ensure consistency and accuracy in situations where construction is repetitive. Examples include hotels, dormitories or hospitals. Kitting streamlines ordering processes and increases customer efficiency through reduced errors and costs.

Job Carts

Jobsite boxes, carts or clamshells put material in close proximity to the installation point. These heavy-duty containers can be easily wheeled to a job site. At the end of the day, containers can be secured so that material is there when production continues. Replenishment arrives as scheduled and all waste is removed when new material arrives.

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Kit and Staged-and-Stored Lighting

This service increases the efficiency of lighting installations for a contractor. We manage fragile shipments, repackage components that need to be prepped for installation, and synchronize lighting shipments to arrive on time.

Learn how staged-and-stored services can streamline your lighting installations.


Product lines with prefabricated solutions consist of assemblies of various components to create part of an entire electrical infrastructure. They can include light fixture brackets, rough-in electrical systems, power and data communications box assemblies, prewired raceways, conduit and large pipe bends, component assemblies, and box supports for concrete pours.

Vendor Managed Inventory

WESCO monitors inventory levels and automatically replenishes them in your warehouse, prefab shop, service van, or jobsite material carts. You can keep your team working while we reduce the paperwork and labor typically required in an order process.

Learn more about our inventory management services.

Point of Use Systems

WESCO’s broad-based Point of Sale service solutions offer automated replenishment, ordering and tracking of your commonly purchased items. Material procurement costs are reduced because direct purchases are ordered and tracked according to your job accounting designations.

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eCommerce and Online Procurement

WESCO offers many eCommercial Services that can help your business increase accuracy, reduce cycle time, and lower operating costs of electronic data exchange. eCatalogs and WESCO Direct via Punchout offer a convenient and efficient method for customers to access product and pricing information 24/7.


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